Win 32 executable :
Blender to KerkyThea
State of the Art
(french version)

This is not exactly a fork of the original Blender 2.49 but almost a derived version with many news panels to manage Kerkythea's lights parameters, materials and render functions . Of course it can call kerkythea to make the render and display it in Blender 2KT itself. Very usefull to make animation .

Its aim is to export XML files to use Kerkythea as an external renderer. The basis of this exporter are similar to the Yafray's ones but with many differences.

For instance
The  Yafray exporter does not manage the normal vector as the smoothing is globaly done in the renderer . Thus, we had to add this part .

can use instancied objects (only one complete model is exported and after only instances  which use the object's name and a transform matrice) but, if the recent versions of  Kerkythea can understand instancied object loctaion, there is some problems to export correctly the models which contains groups with dupliverts. So we needs one sole and complete object for each instance to get a good display.

There, also, we had to modified the original system for all the object would be taken in account with all their parameters . A bit heavy for the xml file,  for the moment, exprot are 2/3 times  fater than a Wavefront 
.obj file .

Do not forget that this work is in progress . A lot of things have to be added quickly (there is no wheighted texture, etc.)  but also, caution, be carefull : we had to modified internal structures (parameters were added to struct Lamp and Lampren) so do not use this software on important files . Lets prefer use copies .

Download :
(standard updated :  2009/10/3
revision : 23612

(sse2 version updated :  2009/10/3

NEW  :
   don't forget to
download the new dlls for b2.49

Dynamic Compilation  for Linux
blender2KT pour Ubuntu 8.04 Python 2.5
(last update  12/09/2009)
blender2KT pour Ubuntu 9.04 Python 2.6
  (updated  13/09/2009,
Caution : this version is not fully usable with
Kerkythea 2008 which can be launched more than
one time from blender2kt. There is no problem
with Kerkythea 2007.

Compilation pour Mac OSX Intel
blender2KT for
Mac OSX 10.4/10.5 i86
and python 2.3
(updated 03/10/2009)

scripts python + dynamique compilation for linux users

Simple Mesh
Copy tools
Displacement mapping
Lights and shader
Material and shaders
Camera Transform
Path export

B2KT copyright
GPL licence
(updated :  2007/11/28)

Link to ask question about B2KT
To Install on a win32 system
1/ Download the archive : and unfold it in a directory named \Blender2kt on which you have the user's complete rights.
2/ Download the archive win32blender2KXXXX (XXXX changes with the build 's date) and .  
Unpack  it in the \Blender2kt folder.
3/ Clic-left on  the 
win32blender2KTXXXX.exe file.

If  kerkythea is already installed on the working PC,  it can be found and one has just to press the Render button to see the rendered picture in the Blender's render window.

How to do the first export.
For users that do not know blender and the external renderer like Yafray :
1/ One has to open the scene buttons windows (it is faster with the F10 keys);

fenetre scene et panneau de rendu

2/ in the panel Render, one has to find the renderer selection menu which displayBlender internal; one uses this menu to find and select Kerkythea;

liste des moterus de rendu

3/ Now, if one pushes the Render button, Blender2kt uses Kerkythea to render (and it works also with the Anim button too).

Blender's opengl display
KerkyThea's render
Simplest Mesh

Just begin with simple solid Cube  

A  simple solid Cube but smoothed :
Data are taken in the render base of blender but it seems that, here, the  normal vectors aren't correct when they are closed  an angle of 90°  . In a future version,  we will have to  recalculate al of them before to export or try to correct the function where the error happens .

or use the No Vertex Normal Flip option
simple  cube + +
Same as above .
  simple  cube +
Same results with  +
Modeling a smoothed Cube using the Special menu which appear when we ush Wkey inn edit mode + Smooth operation

Same as abobe but blending smooth and solid
Same as abobe but blending smooth,  solid  and autosmooth
Copies tool

Duplicated objets  with Dupliverts option

Duplicated objets  with   Particules et Dupliverts

Displacement mapping
Model : texture Vonoroi    Mode Map To

Lights and shader

Different Lamps Studies
Simple lamp not enabled

Enabled Lamp

Ultra Fine Soft Shadow
Enabled+Shadow+SoftShadow +Special Render Parameters

Shadow Color

Attenuation : Inverse Square, Energy -> 1.0
Attenuation : Inverse Square, Energy -> 4.0

Light sphere radius 0.01
Lamp  + +

Radius 0.20
Radius 0.50
Radius 1.00
Radius 2.00
Radius 4.00
Radius 8.00

Spot studies

Comparison tests of  Fall off values for a  39.01 spot size  : 

Spot Blend  :  0.064

Spot Blend  :  0.2

Spot Blend  :  0.4

Spot Blend  :  0.6

Spot Blend  :  0.8

images Superposition  to compare both displays


Material / Shader


Currently, inactive Traceable  maket the object disappear but not its shadow  .


Camera Transforms
camera : lens 10, frame : 576x176
camera : lens 20, cadre : 576x176
camera : lens 25, cadre : 576x176

Path export for Kerkythea
(23/07/2009) from this date, the export name becomes KTexport.

1/ It is needed to go in the user preference panel
2/ Puch the button File Paths.
3/ Select the wanted directy.
4/ Puch the button SELECT KTEXPORT PATH

Don't forget to save this new config with the combo CTRL + U.

For linux users (or for win32 users who do not dare
try the executable file above)
Light correction of the original export script :
Fast but less reliable
(updated  29/07/2006)
Heavy correction  :
Slower but complète
(updated  29/07/2006)
Instances correction  :
  Beta test : export of duplicated object (mde with alt-d) as instanced object and use of the new kzx format shorter than the simple xml
(updated  25/03/2008)
Blender2kt Instances
Experimental version of Blender2kt to export instanced objects without multiply geometric data not very reliable.

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